Welcome to Under The Attic Eaves.

Visit the rooms and learn tidbits of history from the 19th Century.

Door photo credit

In the Attic, you will find homes of the past, including the floor plans. There is also a section with pictures of furniture of the late 19th century.

Visit the Bedroom and learn about fashions of the day.

The Dining Room has all sorts of tidbits concerning etiquette for proper behavior.

The Garden holds remedies of the past for when a doctor might not be available.

The Kitchen contains a treasure trove of recipes to view and wonder about, as well as hints and items needed to cook those recipes.

The Library has links to all the books used in this website.

The Nursery shows lessons, activities, and clothing and care for the children.

The Parlor hosts the entertainment for the family and visitors with poems, games, and crafts.

Post a letter to the Mail Box to visit or ask questions.

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