Library photo credit

The Library contains links to all the books used for the information in this house. Click on a book, and you will be linked to Google Books. There you can see a PDF copy of the book I used.

Baby World— Stories, Rhymes, And Pictures For Little Folks
Barn Plans And Outbuildings
Bazar Book Of Decorum, The
Beadle’s Dime Book Of Practical Etiquette
Color In Dress
Convenient Houses With Fifty Plans For The Housekeeper
Etiquette For Ladies
Everyday Cookery, Table Talk, And Hints For Laundry
Godey’s Lady’s Book, 1862
Godey’s Lady’s Book, January Through June, 1874
Godey’s Lady’s Book, July Through December, 1877
Hints About Men’s Dress
Home Cook Book, The
House-Plans For Everybody
Juliet Corson’s New Family Cook Book
Manners And Social Usages
Model Houses For Little Money
Our Deportment
Sloan’s Homestead Architecture
Woodward’s Cottages And Farmhouses
Young Housekeeper’s Friend, The